April Henningsen

April Henningsen is the Director of Project Management with Mad Ads Interactive. April has over 10 years of experience working in advertising, sales and media. She’s always been a good student and graduated from Ottawa University with a Bachelor of Arts concentrating in Psychology and English.
April’s combination of pure energy, unbridled enthusiasm and a passion for travel has made her a perfect fit at Mad Ads Interactive.

Her background spans the world of media sales where she has had a great deal of experience working in broadcasting, telecommunications, print and television. The great student has now become a great teacher -- as a sales trainer, April emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude, commitment to quality and the power of relationship building with her clientele and co-workers. When Mad Ads approached April with the opportunity to be the Director of Project Management, she was thrilled to join the team and work with an organization that brings results to media companies, their employees and hundreds of local businesses throughout North America.


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