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"Having been in radio sales for just going on 2 years, I didn't know what to expect with the Mad Ads
team. At first I was nervous and a bit anxious...."how am I going to find that many new businesses?" But
boy I tell you, if you do exactly what they tell you to do and stick to their daily/weekly agenda, you will have
great results. I found the best thing was to always give them more than what they asked for, that way you
are never behind and always 1 step ahead. On the days that we made the calls to set the appointments, I
zoned in and made it almost like my own little competition with myself. The team at Mad Ads, Tim and
Patrick were so involved and they wanted to see us succeed. Whatever we needed, they had it for us. I'm
not always the most organized person, but their entire system helped me and changed the way I keep track
of things....even now on a day to day basis.

When presentation week came, I was both excited and scared. After Tim's first session, I was just
excited. He did it all...He sold the concept and all I had to do was show my clients how confident I was in
the program and since I've built that relationship with them, they trust me and know I wouldn't steer them in
the wrong direction. After all, their success is my success. I became business partners with a lot of new
individuals that week and I will continue to grow with them in their business.

Thank you guys for helping myself and my clients succeed!

Nicole Stoddard – Account Specialist, iHeartMedia

À qui de droit,

Nous avons réalisé le programme Mad Ads à l’automne 2015 avec Keith Walthers, Jacques Bolduc et toute l’équipe de Bell Média Montérégie et avons créé un volume très satisfaisant de nouvelles business. Nous avons fait rayonner les marques de Bell Média auprès de plusieurs centaines d’entreprises de la Montérégie.

Non seulement ce programme nous a rapporté concrètement au niveau financier, mais Mad Ads nous a permis aussi de mettre notre équipe à l’épreuve et de nous dépasser.

En somme, je recommande Mad Ads aux radiodiffuseurs. Ce programme aide au développement et au dépassement de votre équipe de ventes.

Denis Bouchard – Directeur général, Bell Média Montérégie

Our experience with the team from Mad Ads was an overwhelmingly positive one. We partnered with Keith and his excellent team to help us drive revenue for six different radio stations throughout central and southern Alberta.

From the start of the planning phase until the final day of presentations and wrap up, Mad Ads worked with our account executives on a very personal one-on-one level to ensure that our team was focused, driven and successful toward reaching our goals.

Keith, April and Tim take their roles very seriously and their only goal was ensuring the success of the program and generating as much revenue as possible for everyone who dedicated the time towards the final goal.

Their consistent commitment to keeping us organized and detailed was a breath of fresh air. We’ve worked with other companies in the past with goals of revenue generation, and while we’ve had moderate success with other programs, the Mad Ads team was far and away the best team we’ve worked alongside. Their attention to detail and availability are what helped to make the program a success.

Mad Ads provided a dedication to our radio stations and take complete ownership of the program. From initial preparation, training and guidance throughout the planning, to the final presentations…Mad Ads executed everything they laid out from the very first conversation.

We really enjoyed working with the Mad Ads team and utilizing the Ignite program in our markets, and I would have no issue endorsing and recommending their partnership to help generate revenue for your business.

Jared Waldo – General Sales Manager, Newcap Alberta Radio Group South

"I’m writing to let you know how pleased CHEK Television is with the results you and your team provided to our revenue initiative.
Not only did you bring in the targeted goal but left each attendee feeling they received great value for the time they spent in your presentation.

This was not my first partnership with you; however it was the sales teams’. While they had been somewhat sceptical in the beginning, their buy-in happened very quickly after meeting with you and trusting your experience. They are over the top with the finished product and very happy with their increased commissioned cheque.
Keith, you and your teams’ professional approach, flexibility and willingness to work with us at every level has been very appreciated.

If at any time you would require me to speak to anyone about working with MadAds please do not hesitate to forward on this message and have them give me a call. (1-250-580-1757)

Again, thank you very much for yet another successful endeavour."


Roy McKenzie – GM, CHEK TV

“I have worked with many sales programs and sales trainers, was once even one myself. There is not one alive which can waive a magic wand and generate revenue. It takes a partnership between your station(s), your management, your sales team and the company you choose to work with, long term. If you have the commitment from your team to do the work, the team at Mad Ads will help you get to your sales goal with their Ignite System, which is one of the best I have seen."

Christopher E. Fleming – Chief Revenue Officer, Ramar Communications, Inc.

"Our experience with Keith Walthers and the Mad Ads Interactive team was an amazing experience for me and my sales team. Not only did we get immediate results, we were able to leverage our 2015 sales with continuous gains period over period. What I was most pleased with overall was the sustained frequency from inactive clients. We still have positive feedback from most of our attendees in regards to the knowledge they obtained during the sessions.

The Mad Ads Interactive system was also a learning ground to us having a better sales process with respect to prospecting properly and being better marketing consultants vs ad space representatives. Keith and his team are truly the real deal and I recommend their services to other newspapers."

J.C. Gallant – Regional Sales Manager, Times&Transcript

"The Mad Ads team is a dynamic, positive group of experienced professionals - knowledgeable, driven and confident. They knew from the outset that we'd be successful but also relayed that the level of success relied on our hard work and collaboration. We committed to the process - that dedication was essential. The entire process was broken down into manageable pieces and we were supported by the Mad Ads team at every turn.

When it came to "show time" we didn't know what to expect...an outside sales person selling our product in our market to our potential clients...how successful would that really be? We were amazed...impressed not just with the first, fresh presentation but with every, single presentation that week. The presenter was captivating...the same touch of humour, passion and enthusiasm was displayed from one informative presentation to the next. And, the clients - our clients - ate it up...they leaned in, they engaged, they were educated and they were sold

An outside sales person selling our product in our market to our potential clients? To that we answer...a resounding YES & THANK YOU!"

Karin Hanwell – Sales & Marketing, CHEK TV

“Our clients commented on how much they enjoy Mad Ads, because it balanced Marketing Education and Values with a solution that aligned with the same. I was amazing to generate nearly 30% of our entire annual revenue with this dynamic process!”

“The Mad Ads team makes the process very comfortable. They are experts in this field of sales and will take you through the steps at a level your whole team is comfortable with.”

Ross Jacobs – Former GM – Newcap Radio Alberta

“When it comes to generating new business revenue, Keith Walthers is one the best I've ever worked with.......so much so, I tried to hire him...twice!”

William Herz
Ex VP Sales
Standard Radio/Astral

“I have been in Radio Sales for approx. 9 yrs.  I found the Mad Ads Team to be very professional, informative and easy to work with!  Their presentation was very informative and compelling and captured the attention of the audience with great stories and interaction answering any questions the audience or we as Marketing Sales professionals had.  My clients that have signed up with Mad Ads are very happy and I do believe will resign. I look forward to working along with The Mad Ads Team in the future!

Tracy Morine – Marketing & Advertising Consultant, NewCap Radio Alberta

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