Rick Dumont

Rick Dumont was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He attended French schools while being raised in a bilingual home. Over the years, he accepted different positions in sales which meant relocating many times over his career, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rick is now a Senior Account Director, who works with media companies and their sales teams to find, keep and grow clients through managing, training and coaching. Rick believes that “The foundation to success in today’s complex world is applying simplicity, passion and the willingness to improve. Without these elements, you will be in a complex, indifferent position that is trying to revive the Town Crier profession”.
Having a background in sales management, he has now worked around the globe with multiple sales teams looking to establish long lasting strategies and results.
Rick also enjoys public speaking. He thrives on the success of local businesses when presenting concepts and strategies that allow them to grow and succeed.


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