Tim Boock

Tim is a record breaking results driven VP with over 15 years of progressive digital, print, radio and television media sales experience. He possess advanced innovative international advertising and marketing media sales and analysis expertise.

Like many in the industry Tim got his start as a junior sales rep for a small start-up newspaper. He fondly remembers his first few days or weeks on the job as being “terrifying”. With a retail background he knew plenty about shoes and suits but very little about advertising.

After making countless rookie mistakes Tim managed to find his way to success in media sales. His career has included roles as Senior Account Executive, Sales Manager and Director, and Canadian Director of Sales.

As Vice President of Sales at Mad Ads Interactive Tim’s “leave it better than he found it” attitude has helped him become a trusted sales leader who consistently exceeds targeted results while maintaining financial accountability. Tim's training, guidance, and practical approach to selling has helped hundreds of sales executives exceed their personal and corporate sales objectives.

Tim is a passionate and dynamic public speaker who has a unique ability to simplify complex marketing philosophies. His knowledge of media and importance of its role in the growth business has led to the success of thousands of businesses across North America.


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