Tony Carmanico

Since graduating from the University in Ottawa in 1981 with a B.Com. (hon) in marketing and finance, Tony has been directly involved in the sales and marketing of computer products and services for the past 33 years. Early experiences for Tony came from 2 local small companies, and 2 large multi-national companies – Digital Equipment and Wang Laboratories. Since playing a key role in the creation of CORADIX in 1995, Tony continues to play an active part in all aspects of the company’s day to day operations. In addition to his role as President of CORADIX, he plays an advisory role in Dalian Enterprises, and MadAds Interactive which both operate in a shared infra-structure environment, under the CORADIX umbrella.

Under Tony’s leadership CORADIX has become of the top ten IT staffing companies to the federal government, as well as a recognized leader in the areas of Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence in the National Capital Region.

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